Xpandasox Diamond Texture Solid Navy - Socks for Lymphedema, Wide Calves, Wraps & Bandages

Size: Large (9-11)


Wide Calves?  No Problem!

Looking for a cute sock to go over garments, bandaging or just need a bit of support for swelling? Xpandasox® are designed for wide calves, wound care, athletic calves, frequent travelers, and more. Wear with wide calf boots, jeans, and trousers - extremely versatile. Great for the Lipedema ladies as well as the Lymphie ladies! 

  • Ideal for Lipedema, Lymphedema, Frequent Travellers and Pregnant Women
  • Fashionably and discreetly covers wraps & bandages
  • Keep bandages and casts clean, dry, and in place
  • Stretches to accommodate swelling
  • Can be worn underneath leg braces to prevent chafing
  • Can be worn over compression garments
  • Provides light to mild gradient compression
  • Ideal for use with sock aids
  • Latex-Free
  • The first socks of its kind that stretch up to 24 inch (60+ cm) and provide three levels of gradient compression, depending on calf circumference.

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